Vision & Mission

Development of innovative solutions that improve people's health and well-being: this is our goal.

Our vision

Unceasing research of new active substances, the refined selection of raw materials, a pioneering spirit and endless desire to develop innovative and effective products, the constant collaboration with healthcare professionals and, above all, the great attention we pay to people’s needs represent the corner stone on which, through all these years, Farmitalia has built its success and has grown beyond national borders.

Our values


Our only aim is to develop increasingly effective products to improve people’s health and we do it with  all our passion and effort.


We are well conscious of the importance of our job. This is the reason why we daily engage to do our best.


There can be no quality without competence. This is our purpose when we carefully choose each of our collaborators and partners: we know that passion is not enough “to do well” whereas outstanding knowledge and ability are essential.