About us

An excellence in the pharmaceutical world. Farmitalia was established in 1995 as Finderm and represents today an established reality in the national and international pharmaceutical world. Actually Farmitalia can be considered a real excellence in the Sicilian production context.

Our history

Farmitalia was established in 1995 thanks to the intuition Fabio Scaccia, together with a small group of collaborators, began to take an interest in food supplements and medical devices for the gynecological field. The company quickly grew and its network of medical sales representatives spread throughout the nation. In 2012 the company got its actual name Farmitalia by the acquisition of the historic brand created in Milan in the ‘30s.

The concern for women’s health has led the company to deal with contraception and menopause thus offering support to women during every important stage of their lives. Farmitalia today aims to take a step forward by concentrating its efforts on individual’s health in general. That’s why, since several years, Farmitalia has started to take care also of men’s health by dietary supplements and medicinal product for many different pathologies.



One of Farmitalia's most important goal is to maintain high standards of quality. For example, every year the quality of medical-scientific information is verified and certified by notified bodies.

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The ability to create and develop innovative products and solutions is at the origin of Farmitalia's increasing success in Italy and abroad.

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Every year Farmitalia provides either funds to support projects, institutions and organizations that are involved with health issues or scholarships for research and development projects in universities.

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