Publication of data about the interactions between pharmaceutical industries and healthcare professionals.
Responsible transparency.

On our website you will find data about the last 3 years regarding the collaborative relationships between Farmitalia and

  • Healthcare Professionals (HCPs);
  • Healthcare Organizations (HCOs);
  • Institutions for Research and Development (R&D);

published in full compliance with the Italian privacy law.

Absolute transparency is the firmly convinced  choice that pharmaceutical companies have made by the act of publication of these data, adopting the Code on disclosure of Farmindustria, in implementation of the EFPIA Code (European Federation of Associations and Pharmaceutical Industries).The collaboration between pharmaceutical industries and healthcare professionals, which has been well regulated for a long time now, is structured into different areas of activity:

  • Research and development of new drugs through clinical studies carried out in hospitals, universities and public and private health facilities;
  • Scientific advices;
  • Seminars and scientific conferences, which offer new or updated information;
  • Support for congresses and ECM courses (Continuing education in medicine) organized by public structures;
  • Universities, scientific societies and ECM accredited providers

The exchange of knowledge between companies and doctors, who have both theoretical and practical knowledge, promotes the collection of  useful information for the research and development process and thus the formulation of drugs more effective for the needs of patients.Besides being regulated by national and international standards, these interactions are based on the mutual respect of roles, in a transparent framework of Farmindustria's ethical rules, which contemplate strict controls carried out, according to specific procedures, by third parties chaired by magistrates appointed by the President of the Court of Cassation.